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FICO Credit Score - Range

Updated 03-04-2012

What are the limits of FICO credit score range and what is considered a good credit score? The FICO score has a range from 300 to 850, with lower scores indicating higher credit risk. Anything outside these limits is not true FICO credit score. Equifax, TransUnion and Experian each have their own, slightly different credit score range limits. Here is the actual data, a mortgage lender sees on the credit report, your credit score of course will be different,


Credit Score 688 Range 334-818


Credit Score 708 Range 309-839

Name of Score: EXPERIAN/FAIR, ISAAC (VER. 2)

Credit Score 678 Range 320-844

As you can see, the credit score range from any credit reporting agency is close to FICO score range.

So for all practical reasons, the FICO credit score range is between 850 and 300. I rarely seen those two frontiers in real life. ... 850 means you have such a good credit score that you can get a loan to buy entire Tiffany store in Manhattan. 300 ..., well your credit is bad to the point you can't get any. I am kidding of course in both cases. Even the highest FICO credit score doesn't guarantee that you get what you want and the lowest one may not prevent you from getting at least some sort of loan.

Good FICO Score

What is considered good credit score range today? Some lenders have become very demanding. You want to have average credit score in the range of 740 and above. Especially if you are looking for the best mortgage deal. When you fall in this range, you can say that you have excellent credit score. In general FICO score of 700 and higher means you are in the Very Good credit score range. Certain lenders offer better rates and/or discounts if you are over 720. Pity, their greedy loan officers might never share them with you.

FICO score from 680 to 699 means Good. Pretty much you can get a normal loan. Translating in layman terms you won't be robbed too bad. Interest rate will be .25% to .375% higher.

FICO score from 640 to 679 is OK. You won't be denied but the terms are not going to be too generous. The 640 average credit score is the current cut off for mortgage financing. Still you are officially a nice person. But you better check the increase credit score page.

Not so Good Credit Score range

FICO score from 620 to 639 used to fall in the bottom of the good range, Not anymore, but you are within a striking distance and can fix credit score fast.

Low FICO Score

FICO score from 580 to 619 ... . Banks, brokers love you. Want to know why? That is where bad credit starts. But it is not that bad yet. They are still able to get you a loan but on their terms. Fat commissions for them, much more expensive loan for you. Chances are you will take it since you have little choice. And you'll think they your best friends. See improve my credit score page.

Bad FICO Score

FICO score from 500 to 580 is where the real trouble starts. Your credit is bad, period. You'll get your loan and you won't like it. But you should take it anyway, because that could be the beginning of your fresh start. Way to get away from bad credit. See repair your credit rating for more information.

FICO score of 499 and below ... . My friend, you are in serious need for help for bad credit. There is very little what can be done and while it is still possible, the terms are going to be simply too brutal. The best thing is to try to repair bad credit first - the FICO credit score can be improved!

Credit score range - few key points

Credit score is a number that reflects the information contained in your credit report. Your place on the credit score scale depends on which credit score range this number falls in.

Credit report records your credit history, showing if you pay your bills on time and how much you owe to creditors. As your credit history changes, so does your credit score.

Check for any inaccurate information, You have a right to dispute credit report. If you find mistakes on your credit report, contact credit reporting agency.

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